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Benefits of a Horner Floor – John Hammond

The Milwaukee Bucks’ GM explains how Horner basketball floors improve his players’ performance.

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Horner Flooring – 2016 Summer League Highlights

A supercut of shots taken from the 2016 Summer Combine, showing players in action on the Horner court.

Benefits of a Horner Floor – Coaches

A sample of the coaches present at the 2016 Combine explain the advantages of a Horner basketball court.

Benefits of a Horner Floor – Trainers & Physicians

Sports trainers for the LA Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, and the Foot & Ankle Institute list the benefits of playing on a quality basketball surface.

Benefits of a Horner Floor – Players

Players from the Raptors, Wizards, Bucks, Lakers and Hawks share their experiences playing on sturdy basketball floors.

NBA Summer League Promo - Part 1

Interviews with Summer League co-founders Warren LeGarie and Albert Hall on the benefits of Horner's flooring installation at the 2016 Summer League.

NBA Summer League Promo - Part 2

Extended interview with Albert Hall and basketball fans on the new landscape of the Summer League.



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